Business Transfer

Business Transfer

The appraiser will support the client, because he is able to properly explain his evaluation report. If the customer is the seller, the appraiser will help him defend his price offer with the evaluation report. The appraiser is not intended to be a broker nor lawyer. His role is to intervene to rationally explain the value of the assets he has evaluated.

In the context of a business transaction, it is important to know the value of each type of tangible (real estate and equipment) and intangible (goodwill and others) assets.

Thanks to our multidisciplinary teams, we are able to help our clients with business transfer processes. So that the tax specialist on file can prepare the most advantageous tax structure possible for his client. In the context of a transaction, he needs the correct market values ​​certified by an independent firm which will be recognized by the government tax authorities.

transfert d’entreprise


Assurances - service d’indexation annuelle


The insurable value is used to define insurance coverage in the event of total or partial loss.


Different values may be applicable depending on the context, i.e. market value, ordered liquidation value, among others.

Financement - rapports d’évaluations détaillés

Taxation & Litigation

Our detailed reports of the tangible assets are recognized and very useful for tax and litigation experts, in the context of different types of corporate transactions.

Professional support services

In addition to all of our evaluation services, our affiliated firm is able to support the entrepreneur in the transactional process.

UNI-T SOLUTIONS GLOBALES accompagne les dirigeants d’entreprises personnellement dans l’ensemble du processus de transfert