At L2G, our teams of appraisers have solid experience, mainly in several industrial, commercial and institutional sectors which require recognized expertise. Our experts can help you meet the requirements of financing institutions.

To meet the criteria and requirements of financial institutions, our detailed valuation reports are essential tools to clearly define the expected value of assets, as part of the financing process.

Always keen to meet the needs of our clientele, we take the time to discuss with our customers and over the last few years we have developed specific analysis tools, highly appreciated by the various financing institutions, namely:

  • In regards to Equipment, we express our opinion on the remaining life expectancies by grouping the equipment under study, in order to allow financing institutions to assess their risk and estimate the term of the financing.
  • In the case of files which integrate buildings and equipment in an inseparable manner, the analysis of applicable obsolescence will be carried out in two parts, thanks to our integrated multidisciplinary teams:
    • At the physical level, our equipment evaluation experts are able to establish it, with a visual inspection, considering their condition, use and life expectancy;
    • At the functional and economic level, our business valuation specialists are able to estimate it, with a sensitivity analysis based on the financial history of the operations under study.
Financement - rapports d’évaluations détaillés


Assurances - service d’indexation annuelle


The insurable value is used to define insurance coverage in the event of total or partial loss.

Taxation & Litigation

Our detailed reports of the tangible assets are recognized and very useful for tax and litigation experts, in the context of different types of corporate transactions.

transfert d’entreprise


Our intervention can defuse potential sources of conflict during negotiation.

Professional support services

In addition to all of our evaluation services, our affiliated firm is able to support the entrepreneur in the transactional process.

UNI-T SOLUTIONS GLOBALES accompagne les dirigeants d’entreprises personnellement dans l’ensemble du processus de transfert