Professional support

Professional support services

The team of our affiliated firm “UNI-T SOLUTIONS GLOBALE” supports business leaders personally throughout the transfer process, thanks to its network of specialists in the field with a tactical approach.

We act as an advisor to the president, in order to facilitate communications with the various stakeholders involved at each stage, such as the business sale broker, the chartered accountant, the tax specialist, the creditor and the consultant of both parties.

For the various aspects of the transaction process, our advisors to the president actively assist and contribute to the smooth running of the process at all levels:

  • Financial
  • Tax
  • Legal
  • Human ressources
  • Operational
UNI-T SOLUTIONS GLOBALES accompagne les dirigeants d’entreprises personnellement dans l’ensemble du processus de transfert


Assurances - service d’indexation annuelle


The insurable value is used to define insurance coverage in the event of total or partial loss.


Different values may be applicable depending on the context, i.e. market value, ordered liquidation value, among others.

Financement - rapports d’évaluations détaillés

Taxation & Litigation

Our detailed reports of the tangible assets are recognized and very useful for tax and litigation experts, in the context of different types of corporate transactions.


Our intervention can defuse potential sources of conflict during negotiation.

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